Memories Of Mary Jane Shoes

Memories Of Mary Jane Shoes

Memories Of Mary Jane Shoes

Women around the world have worn Mary Jane shoes since the early 1900’s. Their name came directly from a character in a popular comic strip that first debuted in 1902. That tells you just how old this remarkable shoe design is. The original Mary Jane shoes features an instep with a strap across it which securely fit the foot in the shoe while allowing for little girls and women to still enjoy the look of a dress shoe. They were THE Sunday shoe for many little girls later on in the 1900’s. In the 1920’s, they were wholly fashionable for even the hippest of women to sport about.

Today, the design has changed somewhat. There are different numbers of straps, different appearance in the instep, different colors than might have been popular almost 100 years ago. But the essential design of this shoe remains unchanged and that’s because when you have a good thing going, there’s no reason to fix it. Little girls and women loved Mary Jane shoes in the 1920’s and they still love them today, even if different companies are always coming out with their own version of the shoe.

The original shoe was manufactured by the Brown Shoe Company, who adopted Buster Brown as their mascot in 1904. Buster Brown was the comic strip that the Mary Jane character came from. This is all mentioned because it gives you an idea of just how far back America’s history with Brand House Direct Mary Jane Shoes goes. These shoes have been around for a shockingly long amount of time and their prestige doesn’t diminish no matter how much time has passed since the original shoe was introduced to an American audience happy to see them.

In short, Mary Jane shoes are one of America’s great traditions. Little girls will develop memories with them and recall them when they get older. Women remember wearing them as little girls. Thanks to always new designs and versions of the shoes, you can bet that more than a few women will also be wearing them to their formal outings, too, as they are the perfect casual-dress shoe, if that makes sense.

As the shoes continue their long history with girls and women, people have grown to appreciate Mary Jane shoes now more than ever before. They’ve been around so long that you can look at just about any woman’s closet in America and find a pair or two of them in there, ready for any occasion that calls for them. They’re especially comfortable and perfect for the summer months, when it pays to have an open shoe for comfort in the warmth, while still at the same time a strap securing the foot and making sure that comfort is still a priority. Buying a pair of Mary Jane shoes in this day and age is easier than ever before. The little girls and women of yesteryear walked into stores to pick them out. Today they buy them online from the comforts of home.

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